Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pool Fun

Opening day for the pool!!
As you can see the guys just could not WAIT!!!

Kevin and Tobias
These boys are TALL!!!
Kev is 6'4" and Toby is taller

Toby has adored the boys since they were itty bitty lol
(Yes thats my fat butt back there)

Ty and Cayden wanted NO part of the pool!
Too big of a bathtub or too chilly still.

Kevin with Cayden

Random Pictures of the kids and pool

The pool wasnt all the way filled yet but they had to go in on Sunday too.
They just couldnt wait and had spent the day at the zoo and it was a scorcher.

Larry built the "wall" behind Telle and Toby to try and block some of the dang wind. We havent had much wind since the pool went up....SO FAR!!!

My rant about the pool
We had an Intex brand pool and liked it a lot, this new one we have is a Summer Escapes brand.
With Intex there were valves to close off the water so you could check the filter and work with the vacuum. It also came with an under mat and nice cover, along with hoses for the vacuum.
With this new pool you have to GET IN the pool to put plugs in the hose holes in order to clean out the filter, there were NO additional hoses for the vacuum nor directions on how to use it. It came with a solar cover....yeah right blue packing bubbles in a piece big enough to spread out over the water. This is a very cruel joke to someone who is a packing bubble addict. DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WANT TO POP THEM ALL!!!! Ohhh and they didnt include an under mat but were kind enough to put a blow up raft in the box, Big flippin whoop!!! Like we will use it.
Anyway of you are planning to buy this type of pool or any other i recommend the Intex brand!!


BoufMom9 said...

Great idea of Larry's to build the wall!
Looks like all the kids were having fun (well, except for the babies. LOL)

Debbie Moore said...

What a good time! You make me want a pool!! Great idea on the wall!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

AAHH the pool looks nice and refreshing. Hope the wall helps block the wind and dust!

becky Waite said...

Love the pool, i so wish i could have one, but my lease says i cant!

TONYA said...

That pool is awesome, puts my itty bitty hard thing to shame.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Love the pool!!!!!!!