Monday, June 14, 2010

Rio Grande Zoo

Our visit to the Rio Grande Zoo which is part of the Bio Park in Abq

I have to say right off I was disappointed in this zoo's set up and animal containment.

The flamingos are the first animal attraction we came too, the boys gave some ooos and ahhs

The ducks caught their attention too

Even though these are hard to see they were little orange colored birds hanging out with the flamingos and ducks.

After the flamingos we went into an enclosure that smelled really bad. There were some monkeys, fish and reptiles in there. We didnt get to see everything because the way things are set up it only gives space for so many people to look at things and some people wouldnt move on in a timely manner.
I dont mind waiting a turn I just call it as I see it and my boys have a hard time understanding they have to wait for certain things. Sad part was there were adults cutting off little kids. Not cool at all.

Finally back out in the open into the fresh air we came to the Capabaras

I wish I could have gotten a good picture of this guy but unfortunately his area was being cleaned at peak visiting hours.
Komodo Dragon

A quick pic of Mr Lizard

Baby Gila Monster

I dont remember what type of bird this was, took a couple times before I got a good picture, the fence kept taking over the foreground.

Giant Tortoise

When I went into this enclosure I was saddened by the way the alligators are kept. There is nothing to mimic their natural habitat, all they have is water and sand. They did have swamp coolers going to produce some humidity and it was warm for them.

I think these are howler monkeys and I recall that they were very quiet howler monkeys. Other zoos Ive visited had howlers and they were noisy buggers.

A proud American Eagle

A Golden Eagle

Ok I could be wrong, I forgot to check but I think this is a Buzzard, which type Im not sure.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the wolves but they only had 2 windows each about 3ft wide and there were people lingering. So I grabbed a quick shot and went on my way.

A Polar Bear in New Mexico, poor bear sleeping in the heat.

The boys like these birds for some reason, maybe it was their name because they said it over and over.

The Lion King and his mate sleeping


Bobcat sleeping in his hammock
We were looking at him thinking about how comfy he was and how nice it be to be lounging in a hammock.



Black Panther
This guy was upset about something because he was pacing back and forth.
it could have been he was hungry because he kept walking to enclosure's door.

This mountain lion was one of my favorites, he/she was walking back and forth rubbing up against the cage. Seemed like he was wanting someone to give him a nice scratch behind the ears. But Im sure he would try and take a taste of anyone who tried.

Another mountain lion sleeping.

Upon arriving at the Bengal Tiger exhibit we found that they were caged so that their area could be tended to. I was very disappointed because I think tigers are very beautiful creatures.
So I gave the workers a yell, told them to smile and wave.
They waved and laughed but I did click the camera in time.

My very, very favorite of all the exhibits in the zoo!
The seals, I could watch these guys swim in their tank all day. They were so graceful and peaceful.
You stood in a cave and watched them glide by over and over.

The upper view of the seal tank. They have little shows with them but we didnt get to see them.

A peacock

The chimps during grooming time


Baby orangatang, he was adorable.

This is a picture of the first O close up. Unfortunately I had to take it thru a smudgy window.

Another favorite animal at the zoo, the Gorillas.

This guy was leaning up against the window out like a light.....

Hmmm looks like he had a little Gorilla party, no wonder he was so sleepy.

This guy sleeps just like Ty does.
I have to say though by this time neither of the boys were interested in looking at anymore animals.

We didnt get to finish the zoo, it was hot and the boys were cranky, Telle was cranky and mom and dad were cranky so we called it a day and decided to head to the mall......

Up coming blog posts: The Mall, The Aquarium and Botanical Garden and more