Monday, June 7, 2010

Four months later.....

Its been awhile since Ive last posted anything up on here so there's a lot of catching up to do.

The first set of pictures are of the boys on their first day up at the school....without ME! It was only an hour and I sat outside and read until they were finished. They start full time/half days towards the end of August.


This is a picture of the play area we are working on (since March). So far we only have the swing set up and will eventually fill half in with sand and the other half a patio so the kids can draw with chalk, place a little pool on and where we can set up some patio furniture. Along with that we have a canopy thing we are going to set up for shade so it wont be necessary to always wait until late in the day to go out.

Two little girls who refused to nap fell asleep at dinner time



I just love black n white pictures. The boys just happen to be camera hams this day also. So glad I was able to get some nice pictures.

Chantelle and I
I had just had about 4 inches cut off

Cayden and Tyger sporting some caps they took from their Dad

Little boys trying on Mom's sunglasses

Boys over at Jerry's Memorial Day weekend

...and the bug

Storm off in the distance....never touched us

Ty ready for a nap

Cayd being cheeky

The boys' first drawings of faces, they were so proud!



Chantelle's new haircut and color
Burgundy and pink
Reward for passing 2nd semester

Went out and picked up a cheap pool for the kids to hang out in since it has been sooooo hot. The day the following pictures were taken it was 112 degrees
The boys liked the pool but a fiberglass pool will be a lot better, less likely to get a hole in it.

There you have a quick catch up of pictures from over the past few months.
I will try and get back later this week with pictures of our travels in Albuquerque.

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debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! This might be the first time I have ever seen pics of the boys where they don't look totally alike.

They look so cute & so big.

LOVING all of the B&W pics.