Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Match Up

Blogger Assignment!!!

Thanks to my friend Teri I came up with Monday Match Up.
She had posted about being a dork because she dress her twins alike. It made me laugh because I along with some other bloggers confessed that we must be dorks too because we did the same thing.

Anyway I almost ALWAYS have the boys dress the same. Sometimes we have different outfits but not often. Its usually just a set of pjs thats different lol.
We snapped some pictures of them in their outfits for the past week and I would like to invite everyone to join in and post their twins dressed alike for Monday Match Up!

This is something I personally would like to try and do every week or every other week just to show that I am a dork and dress my twins alike LOL.
If you join in let me know!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Little Girl Needs Prayers

There is a little girls in Colorado that needs prayers.

She has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma which is a large tumor on her adrenal gland.
Please pray that treatment will cure her quickly and send prayers of strength to her family.

Thank you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ive been MIA

I know Ive been missing more than usual. I was doing so good at keeping up with things but life gets in the way sometimes.
I am just going to do a quick catch of things that I have wanted to post up the past week.

Last week Larry, Jess and Cayden had the pukes/poops.
Larry started on Monday while the girls, boys and I went shopping for some more school stuff. Let me just say I wasnt impressed with selection.

Tuesday we had our WIC appt. Poor Jess was miserable throwing up. Of course it was an initial visit so took longer than usual. Jess and the boys qualified! Yay! In the middle of everything she had to go outside and puke. They use a mobile rv so it was a little warm and cramped in there. None the less the guy was very understanding. BTW the guy who does our WIC is also a lactation consultant!!!
Cayden had also started his poopy adventure. Luckily we had intact diapers and no blow outs. The stomach virus lasted about 24-36 hours for all 3 of them
Telle and Ty didnt catch it, thank goodness.

As for me, on Tuesday I pulled my back putting Ty into the suburban. I must have twisted wrong. Anyway Im just about better from that, it starts to bother me in the mornings so I have to lay in a certain position to relieve it.
I havent felt right since Weds, been dizzy/headaches/woozy. I came across something on webmd that those 3 things are also symptoms of Fibromyalgia, which I was diagnosed with 4 yrs ago. It is a symptom I didnt know about. Its a very annoying one though because I cant a thing accomlished. I can push through the pain but not the rest of this crap. It seems to have lightened up so hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

On to some topics of importance to me......

"In Loving Memory"

Robert Daniel Bailey Sr

Our close friend was murdered last summer for reasons unknown in his front yard. Family and friends are STILL waiting for DNA results to come back.

We miss him very much!!

Pictures below are of him, him and his son and another with Larry

"Belly Bump"

Jessica's 24 week belly shot

"Happy 17 months Ty and Cayden"
July 12

Cayden on the left, Ty on the right

Thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daddy with the kids

Ok I snapped a pic of all the kids with Larry.
Turned out ok considering the boys were hard to tame and everyone kept moving.
Eventually Ill get that scanner hooked up, just not enough hours in the day.

Clockwise from the top

Chicken Pot Pie

Recipe sharing time again!

Earlier this week I made a chicken pot pie, for the first time.
Now I am sharing it with you. I got the recipe off of a Bisquick box and adjusted according to our family size.

What you need
Mixed Vegetables
Cream of chicken soup

I used 2 whole chickens because it was what I had. I used the breast meat and saved the rest for bbq'ing'
Boil the chicken until done.
I add onion salt, garlic salt, celery salt, basil and meat seasoning to the water. It gives a really great flavor.

I cooled and cut up the breast

Added the mixed vegetables

And cream of chicken soup

I mixed up 3 times what the recipe called for on the bisquick and used approx 10x13 glass baking pan.

Set oven at 400 and bake for 30 min.

It went pretty quick

Everyone loved it, except Jess. She doesnt really like things mixed with veggies like that. Kevin woofed 2 plates down and everyone else enjoyed seconds as well.
Definitely something I will make again real soon.

Larry says Yum!

Telle says Yum!

Cayden say Yum!

Ty says Yum!

Mmmm Mmmm Good!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jalepeno Poppers

Larry has been making these poppers every weekend for almost 2 months now and I always passed because jalepenos hurt me and Im not into spicy stuff. Especially when you dont know how the peppers will be.
Well I suggested an alternative so everyone will be happy.
At first I mentioned using sweet long banana peppers but no one has them so Larry came across small sweet peppers to use.

So now we do jalepenos and sweet pepper poppers

Here is how you make them

~What you need~
Peppers (sweet or hot, not bell)
cream cheese

Before starting take out cream cheese so it can soften. Usually 3 packages for the amount that we make which is around 25
Core out the centers and rinse out
with a butter knife stuff the pepper with cream cheese. It doesnt have to be fully packed because some will come out while cooking

its good to have 2 packages of bacon on hand but one will probably be enough.
Cut the bacon in half and then wrap the halves around the peppers using tooth picks to hold it in place.

Even though Larry has a gas grill he prefers doing these with charcol.
You need to keep and eye on them because the bacon can cause too much flame.
Grill until the bacon is cooked and cheese is soft.

Flip until all sides have cooked

Easy as that


Let me know if you try these and how you like them. It takes awhile to get it right but so worth trying.

Daddy's and their babies Part 1

My friend Debi is doing another picture linky thingy so of course I have to participate lol

Here are a few pictures of Larry with the boys
I plan on putting more up once I get some pics scanned of the girls so they can be included.
So look for a part 2 (along with part 2 of sleeping babies)

Larry and Ty

Larry with Cayden

Larry and Ty (again)

Lounging with the boys

I have more hidden away in folders lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enough is too much!!!!

Ok well we havent gotten much rain this year, last rain was like 2 weeks ago or so and that was the first since close to the beginning of the year.
Well Thurday night WE GOT RAIN!!!
Before dinner I sat and watched a storm come through from the north, dark clouds, lightning, thunder.... Ok we got some rain out of it. Enough to give the grass an extra drink for the day.
Well a little later while we were having dinner we heard more thunder, a storm was coming from the east. Now I dont have windows facing that directions so didnt have a good view. All I saw was a wall of rain coming and then lots of strong wind. It knocked down the privacy wall Larry built for the pool, and took the wall down on the shelter in the field. Lumber was blown into the fields. let me say this was a very powerful wind.
I hadnt heard any confirmation on it but I think it was a mini tornado hidden behind the wall of rain and we were on the edge of it, thank goodness. Up the road irrigation equipment was lifted twisted and left upside down and 2 barns were were damaged. One beyond repair (just mangled) along with some sort of holding tanks. Trees were also uprooted in areas.
We live in the lowest part of tornado alley, basically on the edge so we dont get these types of storm hardly at all but it has happened in the past. It doesnt bother me but this one caught me off guard. I usually keep an eye out for unusual storms. With the strange weather conditions going on across the country its good to be cautious.
Anyway I took some pictures of things after the storm blew through while waiting to get power again.

July 3
Our fields basically turned into a lake because the field next to us is higher and just poured into ours. Of course it wouldnt have been so bad IF there wasnt that fire back in March. This view is our "upper driveway"

This view is our "lower driveway"

Another view of our "lake"

The road was flooded bad too

At least my grass is green

Another "upper drive" view

The water just kept flowing

We got two rainbows out of it
Back fields

More angles of the field

Where we use to have the horse

The other end of the rainbow

More water

July 4
Storm coming in as I snap pictures of a little of the damage from the evening before.

The wall was blown down and it was concreted in

You can see the wall gone off the shelter

Storm clouds

Rain again

Wet and muddy here still. If no more storm come through we should dry out in a couple days.