Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enough is too much!!!!

Ok well we havent gotten much rain this year, last rain was like 2 weeks ago or so and that was the first since close to the beginning of the year.
Well Thurday night WE GOT RAIN!!!
Before dinner I sat and watched a storm come through from the north, dark clouds, lightning, thunder.... Ok we got some rain out of it. Enough to give the grass an extra drink for the day.
Well a little later while we were having dinner we heard more thunder, a storm was coming from the east. Now I dont have windows facing that directions so didnt have a good view. All I saw was a wall of rain coming and then lots of strong wind. It knocked down the privacy wall Larry built for the pool, and took the wall down on the shelter in the field. Lumber was blown into the fields. let me say this was a very powerful wind.
I hadnt heard any confirmation on it but I think it was a mini tornado hidden behind the wall of rain and we were on the edge of it, thank goodness. Up the road irrigation equipment was lifted twisted and left upside down and 2 barns were were damaged. One beyond repair (just mangled) along with some sort of holding tanks. Trees were also uprooted in areas.
We live in the lowest part of tornado alley, basically on the edge so we dont get these types of storm hardly at all but it has happened in the past. It doesnt bother me but this one caught me off guard. I usually keep an eye out for unusual storms. With the strange weather conditions going on across the country its good to be cautious.
Anyway I took some pictures of things after the storm blew through while waiting to get power again.

July 3
Our fields basically turned into a lake because the field next to us is higher and just poured into ours. Of course it wouldnt have been so bad IF there wasnt that fire back in March. This view is our "upper driveway"

This view is our "lower driveway"

Another view of our "lake"

The road was flooded bad too

At least my grass is green

Another "upper drive" view

The water just kept flowing

We got two rainbows out of it
Back fields

More angles of the field

Where we use to have the horse

The other end of the rainbow

More water

July 4
Storm coming in as I snap pictures of a little of the damage from the evening before.

The wall was blown down and it was concreted in

You can see the wall gone off the shelter

Storm clouds

Rain again

Wet and muddy here still. If no more storm come through we should dry out in a couple days.


TONYA said...

Honey, are you about done! Seriously. I think somedays you need to move, you have more disasters there than anybody should have to deal with.

Nancy said...

Wow. I'm glad everyone was okay!!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Beautiful rainbow, Tab! Hope you are done with rain now for a few days so the ground can soak up sme of it! Stay safe.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Holy Cow!!! maybe it was to many of us dancig for you to have rain!!!!