Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day at the Track

This was a little outing we had for the last home track meet of the season.
The boys enjoyed getting out since they had been cooped up for so long because of being sick so much.
They ran around and played with their spongebob glasses and Ty practiced climbing. We made it through with only one scrape which was aquired by Cayden.

The look on Ty's face is priceless here and gave us a giggle, he looks like he was after something.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"So Behind" Picture Update #2 April Misc.

Here is my second update of pictures
Just a bunch of miscellaneous pictures taken throughout April.
There are still more I am working on.

The boys and Larry watching cartoons.

The boys wrestling, Cayden is the one on top.

Ty taking a breather

The boys after a short wrestling match, they do this a lot.

The little girls
Laurel in pink and Jaeda in purple

Jaeda in the foreground and Laurel behind

Miss Jaeda

Miss Laurel

Larry and Telle sitting with the boys during their favorite past time...watching cartoons.

Look out! Its baby butts



"So behind" Picture update #1 Easter

This is just one of many "catch up" posts I will be putting up. I have a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of pictures of the kids that I am behind on sharing.

"A belated Easter showing"

Here are some pictures from Easter that didnt get up just after the fact.

Ty helped color eggs the night before. Cayden had already headed to bed because both boys had been sick for the umpteenth time and wasnt up to staying up to color.Ty added his artistic talents before the eggs got dunked. I thought we had gotten after pictures but apparently not.

The boy's baskets

Cayden was the first to notice the goodies

Then Ty showed some interest

But got distracted by one of his tv shows

Both finally started digging into things

Out of all the candy put in their baskets and not they didnt really get into it. They are pretty picky about it. Give them a choc kiss or a choc bar and they will push the kiss away and eat the bar even though its the same thing.

Here they are not sure about what to do with the choc bunnies.
Ty eventually bit the ears off but thats as far as it got. They were also still under the weather.

Click on the pictures for larger and savable size :)