Friday, October 31, 2008

Fantastic Friday Halloween Photo Show Off

I hope everyone has fun with their little ones this evening!!
We have two night of empty calorie collecting.
The town we had planned on taking them to originally canceled trick or treating tonight because of a HS football game. Hey at least least they didn't cancel it completely like they did once before. Anyway they are having it tomorrow night and we are just going to to take the boys and Telle somewhere else tonight.

On with some pictures for today

Here are the ribbons the boys got last weekend at the Halloween carnival
They wore last years piggy costumes and of course I forgot the camera

Next are my artists in the making
The boys, with help from their beloved therapists, made Halloween pictures!

Hope you all have a great day and Ill be back with more Halloween pictures throughout the weekend!!

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Welcome to Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!
Thank you to our host Carrie, who at this time is having technical difficulties so please stand by and check back often to see who else is playing.

My picture this week is of the girls a year ago.
What I like about it....they were just being teenagers

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thrilling Thursday Photo Show Off

Well we finally found an easier way yo bathe the boys without a fuss...stick Larry in the tub with them lol

Now there's no battle to wash hair and believe me their hair is getting long and needs washing and combing all the time now to keep the tangles down. Im ready to cut it back a bit but larry isnt. I guess when I start putting pony tails in he might.

Either way Im thrilled to not have to fight with them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday Photo Show Off

Whats so wonderful about it you ask??

Well...because I finally get to post up some pictures of Chantelle's birthday!
She turned 15 Oct 19th

We had a little party for her and I made her a home made chocolate chocolate cake as it is her request every year.

We had some cake and the kids played the Wii and watched a movie.

Doesnt that smile just make you want to tell her to smell the chocolate and then push her face in it LOL thats what he dad wanted to do

She got some nice gifts

Mmmmm a giant Hershey bar!!

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear and Balloons

Hair straightener

Tye Dye kit

Butter cream scented bath stuff

And her most favorite gift of all, picked out especially by her dad.....
High School Musical 3 Buttons!!
Cant you just see the look of excitement on her face, she is soooo thrilled to have these awesome buttons and I am sure she is wearing them everyday.

To Nanny and Pop Pop:
Chantelle thanks you for the card and your gift.
She used it to buy 2 shirts and some striped knee socks along with some hair bands and nail polish!
Loves and kisses!!

Way Back WHENs-day

My Way Back WHENs-day is last years Halloween.

Little Piggies
They will be the same this year too because I messed up on the sizes of their new costumes, a monkey and Tiger :o(
They were too short, 18 month size my aunt fanny!!!
This year the piggy costumes fit perfectly.

See who else is playing along at Twinfatuation

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spectacular Saturday Photo Show Off

Another photo show off

Just more of the brothers hanging out together

In these pictures they are chilling watching their beloved Shrek.
They take the pillows off the couch so they can stretch out and relax, its softer than the floor.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fantastic Friday Photo Show Off

Well I took some pictures off my camera this morning and here they are...

The boys have turned into very picky eaters, most times they refuse to eat or eat barely enough to keep a bird alive. So I tried to go with something that might interest them, and messy...
Usually we just give them everything (except lettuce) on the side but rolled it up this time.

Ty took to it pretty good, Cayden would not touch it for the longest time.

Neither of the boys resisted eating their little debbie snack though, thats because they dont get it all that often.

I decided when I have random pictures to "Show Off" I'd pen them to go with the days of the week, here are the weekday names
Super Sunday
Magnificent Monday
Terrific Tuesday
Wonderful Wednesday
Thrilling Thursday
Fantastic Friday
Spectacular Saturday

If you have pictures to show off and have no title or subject in particular to use feel free to do the same as I do.

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

I took this picture a few weeks purposely for this post, I am finally getting to it.
This was one of Jess' first meals at the hospital.
Chicken fajitas, spanish rice, beans and tortilla on the side
Of course Mexican food reminds me of the word fiesta and that in turn reminds me of Candid Carries Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Make sure you pop over to Carrie's to see who else is playing

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Way Back WHENs-day

My WBW is.....
Jess back in 8th grade (4 years ago), when she use to play sports.
The girls team won 1st place for their home meet.

She threw disc and shot

See who else is playing over at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two for TWOs-day

My Two for TWOs-day

Laurel and Jaeda

See who else is playing at
Eight is Great

Friday, October 10, 2008

Such a Helpful Brother

Jess' milk finally dropped down some but the girls still havent caught on well yet so she pumps. Today she started and of course the brothers had to check out what she was doing.

They decided to help, Ty more than Cayden. I couldnt resist capturing the moment on camera.

Ty helping sister and had no problem posing for the camera today. He had Jess in tears of laughter.

Cayden being helpful also

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thrilling Thursday Photos

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Ok well its not so thrilling but the word goes with the day lol.
Lots of pictures to share while I have a quiet moment.

Larry took Jess to town with the girls so she can get her staples out, visit a b/f consultant and go to the store while I get laundry done, dinner ready to go (chicken soup), housework done and whatever else needs my attention other than the boys who at the moment are watching Shrek.

First pictures to show off are of Ty and Cayd, they have been getting more and more difficult to photograph lately because they just dont stay still long enough.



Oh My Gosh my boys are pregnant!!!
They have bellies and boobies. We laughed so hard at them because they would hold their ball stomachs and touch their little ball boobies. It was hilarious.

Jess' swollen feet. They have come down some but have been very uncomfortable. When she came home from the hosp she was down 6lbs she has since lost another 6lbs and should gradually lose more as the swelling lessens. They actually look worse in person and any scars she has pop out.

Jess and Jaeda who I have nickname J-bird or Birdie
I have to have nicknames lol

Laurel who I call Lola. Its easier for the boys to learn that. It was either Lala or Lola and well Larry and Jess like Lola better.

Snuggly sister pictures
Laurel is always on the left and Jaeda on the Right

Jess will be updating her blog with more pictures soon. When she does I will post the link. If you want to check for yourself her site is My Special Treasures and you can find it on my blog list.