Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Rosey Christmas 2009

Christmas rolls around for another year and as always the kids make out pretty good.
It was fun watching the boys get into unwrapping gifts, last year they wanted nothing to do with it. The little girls did a pretty good job at it too.

I was actually able to find pajamas for all four kiddos to wear that match, too cute.

Our tree after all the little ones were tucked into bed.

Good morning sunshine


Laurel & Jaeda

The unwrapping commences
It took a bit to explain to the boys that there were more surprises in the packages, they wanted to go and play with the first things they opened.

The beloved Yo Gabba Gabba toys I mentioned in my previous post

My little firemen



More unwrapping....

and more toys....wall to wall infact



The girls love their Grandpa

The boys and girls MUST check out each other's toys

My special personalized plate for the front of the Suburban

Dancing Disco Wubzy, he's up there with the Gabba crew

Ride on quads for the boys
Needless to say we have already put them away and must wait until the mud dries up so they can ride them outside. That is If it EVER stops snowing.

Ty being a silly bunny

Little boys all tuckered out watching tv together

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree up!
The boys really like it and are always fighting over who gets to turn it on. They make sure its on not long after they wake up in the morning.
The little girls have done great with not touching it although we didnt put a whole lot on it that would break. The boys like to take the ornaments off and put them back on again.