Monday, June 30, 2008

This Month Last Year

I decided to do a monthly remember when type post.
So at the end of every month I am going to post a the month last year picture of the boys and compare how much they have changed.

Here is Ty last June

Here is Cayden last June

And here they are now!!!
Such a big difference, and they have hair!
They are also getting into everything now too.

See you at the end of next month for the next segment of "This Month Next Year"

The Tumtum Tree: Do you like my clothes? Do you want them!

The Tumtum Tree: Do you like my clothes? Do you want them!


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Family Spaghetti Dinner

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Let Sleeping Babies Sleep

My friend Debi decided to start a nostalgic picture sharing theme of sleeping babies way back when. We have been sharing pictures on the google group of the little ones.

Here are my pictures of the boys that cover the first couple months of their lives.

NICU pictures



The brothers sleeping together

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Both boys are walking now!!

Cayden worked on it for a couple weeks and now he can walk across the room. A little wobbly but gets to point B.

Ty he just took a couple days and off he went. He gets so mad because he will get tired and wants to keep trying. He's a bit wobbly too of course.

Soon they will both be walking about stable as can be. I wonder what challenges this will give me to deal with.

Im really surprised that both are taking off at the same time. I guess the added attention Cayd was getting was too much for Ty so he had to get himself going too lol.

Im even more surprised about Cayden since he has feet issues and lays on his inner arch. Hopefully the walking will straighten thing out for him.

Last week when the ladies were here they werent really doing much of anything but when they come back next week they will be surprised. Especially Stella because July is her last month with the boys and she had hoped one would be walking. She got her wish xs2.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dumped My Camera

Well I only had a handful of pictures on it, which is a good thing because deciding what pictures to post would have been something lol.

I always seem to get a lot of eating pictures of the boys, its the one time I can get them to stay still for close ups
They go: Cayd, Ty, Cayd, Ty

Of course Jess will be like MOM!! when she sees I put this one up

The boys snuggling with the giant Teddy

Some more pictures from Larry's Birthday

Monday, June 23, 2008

Neighborly Surprise

We have these neighbors (no not the idiot firebugs lol) and they are really nice people. The husband works for the same company as Larry but works with the suits because he is an engineer of some sort.
We know them but havent really gotten together or spent much time with them. Ya know the neighborly exchange of xmas cookies and b-day party invite.
Anyway after the boys were born and they found out about them they had come down and gave them homecoming gifts, they also got them some really nice b-day gifts. Remember these are people we dont hang out with on a regular basis.
Anyway Tammy came over this past weekend asking if Chantelle could come and hang out with her niece while she was visiting from California.
I figured cool, something for Bug to do and someone new to meet. The girls hit it off really good. They watched movies, rode the dune buggy, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the evening etc etc.....

Well Sunday Tammy invited Bug to go shopping with them. I felt bad because I didnt have any money to give her to spend but Bug said it was ok.
She came home with bags of stuff!!!! Some of it was for Jess's babies too.
Between the 2 girls she spent almost $400.00. I couldnt believe it!!

Telle got a back pack, 3 pairs of shoes (totalling about $80), 2 outfits, socks, bath and body stuff, perfume and jewlery

Jess got 3(6) outfits, 2 blankets, 2 towels and some receiving blankets. Telle said she wanted to buy more!!

Its a shock to have someone do something like that for my girls, it was just for the fun of it to see someone else happy. She told Larry she enjoyed doing it.
We appreciate so much what she has done and the girls are going to find something nice to do for her in return as a thank you.

Peculiar News Story 6/23/08

Todays Story Is

You may kiss the bride — no, the other one

Identical twins who have shared proms and more marry in double ceremony

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Here comes the bride. And here comes the other bride, who looks just like her.

Identical twin sisters Francine and Maria Munafo have added their weddings to the list of special events they've shared by marrying in a double ceremony in suburban New York.

The 28-year-olds became engaged to their longtime boyfriends on Christmas Day 2006 and married them on Saturday at a waterfront catering hall in Westchester County.

They both wore white strapless dresses. But Maria's had a touch of magenta and Francine's had some green.

After sharing their proms, Sweet 16 parties, graduations and now their weddings, the twins have decided to go their separate ways for their honeymoons: Francine and Jeffrey Parkinson are going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Maria and Albino Goncalves are visiting the Poconos.

Actual Article

Baby Shower Ideas...HELP

Ok well Im not going to do any planning until next month but Im being pushed by the inlaws so I want to have some things ready.
Im shooting for the beginning of Sept.

This is what Jess was told
Decorations, a cheap cake from Sams, mints and nuts

Uhhhhh NO!!
If people are going to take the time to come to a baby shower the host needs to provide more than that I feel. At least some decent nibbles and certainly not a cheap cake.
BTW this is all suppose to be done by them???
I dont think so, Telle and I are suppose to be giving it and they offered to help not take over with their cheap ideas.

Anyway here's where you, my twin mommie friends come in.
I need inexpensive food ideas that are appetizing
Baby shower game ideas

I plan on getting inexpensive prizes for the games and I have a rocking chair I want to decorate for Jess' little pregnant throne lol

I think we will be having it at the church so as I dont go bonkers with a house full of guest. Larry on the other hand wants it here so he can bbq and the MEN can congregate outside.
What do you think?

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ok well Its Saturday and I am actually here alone with the boys.
Telle is out and about with our neighbors niece having some fun and Jess is out with Kevin's mom shopping. Larry was home but as soon as he walked in the door the work cell rang and he had to go back up to the shop.
Anyway Im suppose to be cleaning house....hahahahahaha. Im actually sick of cleaning all the time. I feel like I get NOWHERE!!
Soooo instead I decided to goof off until it was lunchtime for the boys.

I used smilebox and created some cute picture collections.

The first picture is actually a pose and the exact outfits from the portraits we had done. Its funny how they just got into that position on their own.
The second picture is just the boys playing around with the giant teddy bear
And the third picture are the smarty pants on the sofa. As usual Ty is making a face.

Pictures of just Cayden
He is my quiet one. Cayd is also a tv freak, he will sit there and watch noggin. He loves it. His personality is going to probably be mild tempered. He can be goofy at times but mostly reserved in character.

Pictures of just Ty
He has developed why a funny personality and is a real character. Its funny that at this age they learn to be so comedic. Sometimes I call him Gollum baby because when he gets mad he makes a face and sounds like Gollum from LOTR. Too funny.

Some Of Our Favorite Things
Movie: Shrek 3rd
Snack: M&Ms
TV Show: Jack's Big Music Show
Food: Pizza

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mag Brothers

Mag Tag!!

Go to this site and create your own special magazine!!!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pool Fun

Opening day for the pool!!
As you can see the guys just could not WAIT!!!

Kevin and Tobias
These boys are TALL!!!
Kev is 6'4" and Toby is taller

Toby has adored the boys since they were itty bitty lol
(Yes thats my fat butt back there)

Ty and Cayden wanted NO part of the pool!
Too big of a bathtub or too chilly still.

Kevin with Cayden

Random Pictures of the kids and pool

The pool wasnt all the way filled yet but they had to go in on Sunday too.
They just couldnt wait and had spent the day at the zoo and it was a scorcher.

Larry built the "wall" behind Telle and Toby to try and block some of the dang wind. We havent had much wind since the pool went up....SO FAR!!!

My rant about the pool
We had an Intex brand pool and liked it a lot, this new one we have is a Summer Escapes brand.
With Intex there were valves to close off the water so you could check the filter and work with the vacuum. It also came with an under mat and nice cover, along with hoses for the vacuum.
With this new pool you have to GET IN the pool to put plugs in the hose holes in order to clean out the filter, there were NO additional hoses for the vacuum nor directions on how to use it. It came with a solar cover....yeah right blue packing bubbles in a piece big enough to spread out over the water. This is a very cruel joke to someone who is a packing bubble addict. DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WANT TO POP THEM ALL!!!! Ohhh and they didnt include an under mat but were kind enough to put a blow up raft in the box, Big flippin whoop!!! Like we will use it.
Anyway of you are planning to buy this type of pool or any other i recommend the Intex brand!!