Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ok well Its Saturday and I am actually here alone with the boys.
Telle is out and about with our neighbors niece having some fun and Jess is out with Kevin's mom shopping. Larry was home but as soon as he walked in the door the work cell rang and he had to go back up to the shop.
Anyway Im suppose to be cleaning house....hahahahahaha. Im actually sick of cleaning all the time. I feel like I get NOWHERE!!
Soooo instead I decided to goof off until it was lunchtime for the boys.

I used smilebox and created some cute picture collections.

The first picture is actually a pose and the exact outfits from the portraits we had done. Its funny how they just got into that position on their own.
The second picture is just the boys playing around with the giant teddy bear
And the third picture are the smarty pants on the sofa. As usual Ty is making a face.

Pictures of just Cayden
He is my quiet one. Cayd is also a tv freak, he will sit there and watch noggin. He loves it. His personality is going to probably be mild tempered. He can be goofy at times but mostly reserved in character.

Pictures of just Ty
He has developed why a funny personality and is a real character. Its funny that at this age they learn to be so comedic. Sometimes I call him Gollum baby because when he gets mad he makes a face and sounds like Gollum from LOTR. Too funny.

Some Of Our Favorite Things
Movie: Shrek 3rd
Snack: M&Ms
TV Show: Jack's Big Music Show
Food: Pizza


BoufMom9 said...

These turned out GREAT! Don't you just LOVE smilebox!?! It's so easy!

I LOVED getting to know your boys better! Too funny about Gollum! (I'd love to see that one on video! LOL)

TONYA said...

I love that they are always dressed identical, even if one is only in a diaper, then so is the other. You are great.

The smileboxes turned out really well.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

They are so stinkin' cute! I LOVE the hair!