Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girls At The Lake

After school let out the girls went to the lake with some of Jess' friends. I think they did this last year as well so I guess its turning into an end of school year tradition lol
This is where Kevin works too as a maintenance officer.

Here is Telle, behind her on the other side of that wall is a very deep lake. Its about 10ft before you hit the water.
Oh yeah the location is call Bottomless Lakes
I have actually never been there.

These next three pictures are of Jess and her friend Liz. Her mom use to be the principal at our school. We miss her so much!! Liz doesnt go to our school anymore but still gets together with everyone when she can.

Just some pictures of the kids in the water. They took some paddle boats out too. I would love to take the boys there but at this point it just wouldnt work. Even with sunscreen it would be way too hot for them and there arent that many shelters and sand and babies just dont go together for me. I dont even like sand up my butt lol.

Here is Jess and her friend Jacob.
He has a twin brother that didnt go with them.

Here is Jess with her friend Liz and Bernadette.
Bernadette is also a twin. Her sister was with them but wouldnt let herself be photographed.

Ans here is Jess with her Friends Jordan and Jacob again.
Nope, Jordan isnt a twin lol


.....and KEVIN!

Just an added treat of Kevin with a mohawk. It lasted one day because it didnt look right. The front was cut too short lol.

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Terri O'Laughlin said...

Happy Summer, Guys!! Enjoy yourselves!