Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Shower Ideas...HELP

Ok well Im not going to do any planning until next month but Im being pushed by the inlaws so I want to have some things ready.
Im shooting for the beginning of Sept.

This is what Jess was told
Decorations, a cheap cake from Sams, mints and nuts

Uhhhhh NO!!
If people are going to take the time to come to a baby shower the host needs to provide more than that I feel. At least some decent nibbles and certainly not a cheap cake.
BTW this is all suppose to be done by them???
I dont think so, Telle and I are suppose to be giving it and they offered to help not take over with their cheap ideas.

Anyway here's where you, my twin mommie friends come in.
I need inexpensive food ideas that are appetizing
Baby shower game ideas

I plan on getting inexpensive prizes for the games and I have a rocking chair I want to decorate for Jess' little pregnant throne lol

I think we will be having it at the church so as I dont go bonkers with a house full of guest. Larry on the other hand wants it here so he can bbq and the MEN can congregate outside.
What do you think?


Terri O'Laughlin said...

A really fun game I have played at more than one baby shower is this: guest have to put a sheet of paper on their heads and draw a teddy bear/baby with head,body, arms and legs. With out knowing who did what drawing, the guest of honor picks her favorite. I will email you some other great ideas.

Debbie Moore said...

I will think and e-mail you, I love planning parties!