Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chantelle's Promotion May 08

Telle had her promotion from 8th grade to 9th grade May 20 2008
I guess Im better late than never with this one too lol
We found her dress at a bargain at Bealls. It was originally $75 and got it for $25. She would have preferred blue but a dress was a dress at that point, especially one she liked. Now shoe hunting was another story.....she has a shoe fetish but is very very picky about style. I think it took over an hour to find a pair that would go with the dress. I finally had to tell her she had 15 minutes to choose. The boys were getting bitchy and so was I. BTW her shoes are red.

Here she is in the hallway at the school before cake

Mmmmm Cake!

Telle with her friend Kimberly
(Larry is in the bg with Ty and you can just see my eyes)

Class of 2012

From what I saw of the ceremony it was nice. I couldnt sit and watch because Ty flipped every time there was clapping, hooting and howling. I went to the back of the auditorium and had to step out the door at every applause. Eventually I ended up standing outside looking in through the crack of the door to see the slide show. Eventually Larry came to switch babies with me and when he took Ty out Cayden flipped because Larry was out of his sight. So we both ended up missing the end of the slide show and giving out of shirts and certificates. Luckily Jess was there and got some pictures for us. Lighting wasnt the greatest but at least I have it to share.

Telle with her friends
Angela and Crystal

Bug getting pictures taken before the dance

They used the chocolate fountain that was at the Junior/Senior Prom

Bugs last picture as an 8th grader
She is a High Schooler now!!!

I wish back when Jess had done her promotion they did it more fanciful (if thats even a word). The girls didnt dress up fancy back then. But hey I told Telle we can recycle the dress and she can use it for the Winter Ball. LOL yeah right.


TONYA said...

Congratulations Chantelle. You looked absolutely beautiful

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Congrats Telle!! The dress is very pretty.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh she looks great in red!!! WOW