Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chantelle's First Boyfriend

This is Toby
He has been friends with Jess and Kevin for awhile.
Him and Telle have liked each other since like February.
Dont you just love the get up?

Telle and Toby on their first date to the Spring River Zoo
They had chaperones, lol, Kevin and Jess tagged along under mom orders
Another big LOL

Toby was over this past Saturday and offered to put Larry's new grill together for him, which in turn earned him brownie points with Dad.
He got it done in 2 hours and had never put one together before.

All the kids enjoyed the day here Saturday. I was going to say lazy day but the boys didnt have it so easy. Larry had them helping him prepare for the pool. I will have pictures up in another post of some pool fun.

Taking one of many breaks since it was pretty hot out.

Saturday evening the kids just lounged around......

......and play the Wii
The guys most definitely love the boxing

Another boyfriend!!!
And that is why I had to post the Application to Date my Daughter" LOL
Im still waiting to get that back
Wish me luck!!


Terri O'Laughlin said...

A very cute couple! Hope he gets the application turned in soon so he can have a second date! lol

BoufMom9 said...

LOL about the application! haha UGH! I don't look forward to the dating thing...and I know it's coming soon. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Moore said...

They are a cute couple! Yes, the application, you need that!

The Romero-Schroeder said...