Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jessica's Ultrasound

Its Twins!!

Belly Picture at 18 weeks

When Jess got settled and Cindy started the u/s my eyes got big and Cindy pulled away turned and looked at me and said "You saw what I saw didnt you?" Damn straight I did!!
Kevin and Chantelle picked up on it but Jess was still in the dark. When she found out she was in tears.
Now in the beginning I asked Rachel if she thought it possible for twins and she said she didnt suspect a twin pg. Well the reason why was is because Jess is on target for the size of a single pg and that the 2nd heartbeat was missed because it was hiding behind the other.
Anyway Jess will probably attend school for a month until she hits about 30 weeks, depending on how things go. After that she will be put on homebound. Those arrangements I have to make in August with the school.

Reactions so far from my family
Larry: He laughed
Nanny: OMG
Mimi: "Speechless" and giggling
Great Grandma: "Holy Shit!"

Kevin's Family is excited

Jess's next appt and u/s is July 2nd. She will have an hour to check things out more thoroughly. There was a membrane separating the babies but I think she only found one placenta, they could be fused together. We are thinking Fraternal anyway for the boys and the girls since both of us have twins now. But who knows what twisted luck has been bestowed upon us. For all we know it could be a freaky thing and both sets be Identical.

I will try and catch up on other blog stuff when I can.


Terri O'Laughlin said...

Holy Crap Tab. I still can't believe it! I am sure Jess is beside herself right now, but as you know, the shock will wear off soon and will accept this double blessing that has been handed to her!! Congrats again! Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for her.

The belly shot doesn't look much bigger than the last! Has she gained much weight?

Debbie Moore said...

This has got to be a huge shock for her, but, as we all know she will be fine! If there is anything I can do to please let me know. Congrats!

BoufMom9 said...

I still can't believe it!

Just make sure she knows she can complain away to all of us when it starts getting "rough".

And, like both terri & Debbie said...anything I can do, just ask.

lisa said...

Congrats Tab! How exciting and crazy! Two sets of twins so close in age. Your family is blessed. I'm so happy for you all.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Still in sock here, What are the odds???

TONYA said...

I think you had all of us in disbelief too. Holy momma. She looks great. Love the names she's chosen too :)

bestfamily said...

Tab, I laughed when Debi told me on the phone! Sorry, but I did. We all know from reading the facts how frat are genetic, but your boys look exactly alike! And for you to have boys and her have girls! WOW! Congrats Jess. Like Terri, Debi, and Debbie if you need anything you call K! Love ya girl!

CC said...

I am still in shock that Jess is having twins!!! WoW!! Congrats! Tell Jess to hang in there... it is a shock, but she will be ok! Hugs to you and your family!