Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Normally I post something about the kids but today I had to post a picture of something that gave the girls and I a real good laugh.
My DH Larry the other night dropped his dinner plate on the floor. Some may say...well thats not so funny but if you could have seen the way he did it and the look on his face you would have to say it was. Of course he laughed right along as always. He's such a good guy.
Anyways here he is on the floor cleaning up his mess.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bye Bye Ba-ba's

So Long Bottles!!!
We are done, its been almost a week and we now use sippy cups and straw cups exclusively!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Way Back WHENs-day

Jessica (R) and Chantelle (L)
Getting along

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Match Up

It's time for Monday Match-up
Do you dress you kiddos a like? Twins or not join the fun and post a picture of you kids dressed in identical outfit or same outfits different color. If they MATCH then lets see them!

Let me know that you are playing along and I will put your link on this post.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sandwich Success

Ahhhhh yes the grilled cheese never fails!
Well most of the time...there are days they dont want it.
I did get them to eat it yesterday as a sandwich and not cut into bite size pieces.
They didnt eat very much but they ate none the less without a kaniption.

More food pictures to come....Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Guys

I really like taking pictures of the boys when they are in their high chairs. Its the best way to get close ups of them without them running away from me.
This was at breakfast about a week ago, they had french toast sticks.










Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta is hosted by Candid Carrie. Go check her blog out for all the details and join in on the fun.

"Snow In The Desert"

This was a nice surprise seeing as we dont get snow like this often and it was even nicer to see the girls out playing with their Dad.
This picture was taken before I had the boys (07).

Lunch From HE Double Hockey Sticks

Ok well recently I have been having issues trying to get the boys to eat. They havent been eating much of anything. I kinda contribute this change in appetite to the fact that they each have 6 teeth coming in, not to mention the fact of a change in disposition. They have been downright AWFUL!!

Anyway we have always taken and cut their food up, being overly cautious I say because I dont think we were like this with the girls. Its just we are older and know more I guess. For whatever the reasons we have never just made a sandwich of any kind and cut it up to where they could just pick it up and bite off it. Yesterday I decided to try just that. Oh and just to clarify I did cut the sandwich into 8ths, to be on the safe side.....

I made the boys egg salad, who wouldnt like egg salad? They like eggs...right?

Ty took the first bite after a little coaxing
He wasnt too sure about it at first.

"Hmmmm it doesn't seem so bad"

"In fact this might be pretty good."

"Uhh wait a moment, ewwww! No No I dont think I like this"
He proceeds to spit it out!

"Im not even going to try it"

Ok well the egg salad was a flop and a half.
What should I try next I asked myself....
Oooooo how about some Peanut Butter and Jelly? Ill make half a sandwich this time but who doesnt like pb&j?

Apparently Ty doesnt mind it too much

"Look in my mouth mom"

"Yeah I can dig it"

"Ok enough of!"

"Nope, not gonna try it"

"No! No! No!"

Ok well I had to get him to taste it so he can find out that its sweet and tasty
Well he didnt like it.......



"Are you crazy or something?"

PB&J was a flop
I guess I ought to go with the old standby so they can at least have something on their stomachs.

Hots dogs and cheddar cheese

"Yes Mom, much better"


I guess you never know until to try to see what they like. This doesnt mean that I wont keep trying. Eventually they have to like it....RIGHT?
Gosh I hope so
Im running out of ideas!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you dress your kiddos alike?

If so then you will like Monday Match up!!
Each Monday post a picture(s) of your children wearing similar/identical outfits. It doesnt matter when they were taken just post it!

I will post mine and if you tag me I will link your blog to the post.

Have Fun!

Fire, Wind, Rain and Greeness

Over the past 6 months we have been exposed to Fire, Wind and Rain and it wasnt to our liking at all!!

Most of these pictures you have seen in previous posts but I wanted to put them all together so you can actually see the difference and what things look like now.

March 2008
This fire almost took our house but we luckily had a fireman willing to get between the house and the fire to fend it off
Thank you very much to Clint!

This was the worst!! We had very few days where the wind would not blow. It was so bad this year that we didnt even get a garden in until a month ago and that was just for fast growing stuff (except the grasshoppers ate the cucumber plants). So no tomatoes or peppers.
We were eating dirt for months because it was so fine it could get in through the smallest cracks and crevices.

The Monsoon season had FINALLY hit and dampened things down a bit too much. We had quite a few storms close together and here that spells out flood. SInce the fire had burned the fields the water just ran more freely than it normally would have. On one occaision we had 2 mini tornadoes come past our house. It pulled out wooden fence posts that were cemented into the ground. In its line it twisted irrigation systems, took roofs off barns and even leveled one.

...And here we are...
We have had rain on and off so things have kept itself green. Every time I think I have to water the lawn a small storm will come through and Im good for awhile longer. On down we have to mow all the brush down around the house to keep the skeeters at bay. This is the first year we have had trouble with them.

Well next I post our extreme weather it will probably be a blizzard. Why not the weather has gone crazy all around.