Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well I thought I would play catch........BUT

I am having issues uploading pictures!!!
I finally get a chance to do a post in like almost 3 weeks and I cant post PICTURES!!!

*Temper tantrum in progress*
Kicking and stomping of the feet, whining and carrying on....oh yes we moms deserve to do it once in awhile.

Ok, still dont feel better because who knows when I will be able to find peace and quiet anytime soon.

I guess I could share a little news that doesnt come with pictures.

I hadnt blogged much because recently things have been just crazy around here.

1. I had stomach issues on and off for a few weeks
2. then a cryo ablation
3. and the biggest news.......My daughter's boyfriend walked out on her leaving her pregnant with the twins and having to deal with being a single mother. Just peachy!!
Ohhh and that is going over just lovely, especially since he blamed it all on her then turns around and is seeing another girl he was in contact with BEFORE he left. Real mature!! Meanwhile he's off and about doing his "guy thing" while Jess has just started her Senior yr in HS wondering when they are going to put her on homebound and praying the girls don't arrive too early.

If it was possible I am sure all my "Homegirls" would gang together and hunt him down and make him think twice about the next time he takes his thing out of his pants.
I swear though, its a parents nightmare!!

Jess thinks she wants to go to nursing school. She has to take an Anatomy and Physiology class this year and is liking it so far. We will see what comes of things. There is a VERY good school in the area that would work. If we had our way we would pack up and head back east to start over and be closer to family. Cant have everything though so make the best with what you got.

As some may recall the beginning of July we had some bad storms blow through. One even included two small tornadoes that came right past out house. Also some of you may recall the fire and the dirt storms we had and how dry everything was. I had posted up pictures. Well I will have new pictures soon of what things look like now....its green!!! Crazy ass weather!!!
I will definitely create a blog comparing the different pictures over the past few months.

Ok well Ive done enough rambling on...I have to pee now

My next blog will include pictures and more catch ups
Ohhh and I know I have been tagged by Jen B....I will work on my tagging here soon too.

Love ya all


Jenn H said...

Yes, I know many who would like to teach that boy a lesson, make him step up and be a man! Sorry you weren't able to post pics, hopefully soon :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh Men, just point the way and ´will teach him a thing or two.