Tuesday, August 19, 2008

18 months, Walking and Ice Cream

Alrighty then...

I am always posting pictures and stuff about the boys and Jess and I realized that I dont focus enough attention on Chantelle so I figure I slip a little picture of her on here before going on to the subject of this post

Bug (as we call her) started high school this year. She likes going to school but hates the homework. What kid doesnt lol. She got another invite this year along with her sister to travel Europe next summer. She wants to go in the worst way.
Last years trip cost $8,000!!

Well on August 12th the boys turned 18 months. I wish I was able to post it up on that day be it was a busy one with Dr appts and shopping.

Here they are sitting on Mom and Dad's giant bed

I was asked to take pictures of the boys walking. They just started getting the hang of it a few weeks ago. Ty is trying to run now although he throws himself off balance and Cayden is still learning his balance since he is slightly leaning inward on his arches.

I thought these walking pictures were priceless

Baby Butts Walking

First Ice Cream Cones

Last thing on my mind was the mess...they liked them
Ty pretty much dug into his, Cayden was a bit more cautious because of the cold. He isnt fond of it and easily gets brain freezes (so it seems)
It also took Cayd awhile to figure out that he should hold it by the cone instead of the top.
Eventually Ty turned his upside down and began nibbling on the tip, soon he came to the chocolate and believe it or not did not like it!! This by a kid who LOVES his m&ms.


Terri said...

LOVE the walking pictures. They are indeed Priceless! And the icecream! Looks yummy!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh the walking pictures are priceless!!!!! and the cones YUMMO

Sherri said...

Your boys are adorable and so lucky to have each other. I have an identical twin and cannot imagine life without her. There are some pictures of us on my blog under the "Navarre Beach Vacation" post. There's no way to explain to someone the bond between twins...it's like no other and like nothing that can ever just happen on its own. When I see little ones like your boys just starting out, I just feel so happy for them because I know what they have in each other.
Thank you for visiting OurPlace. I look forward to getting to know you

TONYA said...

Chantelle is just gorgeous. Hope she gets to go to Europe this year. How fantastic would that be ... albeit extremely pricey :(

Love, love, love those nudie walking pics.