Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Normally I post something about the kids but today I had to post a picture of something that gave the girls and I a real good laugh.
My DH Larry the other night dropped his dinner plate on the floor. Some may say...well thats not so funny but if you could have seen the way he did it and the look on his face you would have to say it was. Of course he laughed right along as always. He's such a good guy.
Anyways here he is on the floor cleaning up his mess.

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christie said...

Ah, poor guy. Glad he got a laugh out of it in the end!

Lori said...

That IS a good guy! My husband would've thrown a temper tantrum and left the mess!

Jenn H said...

Sometimes its so hard not to laugh when stuff like that happens, lol!!