Wednesday, August 20, 2008

19th Anniversary

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary was last week August 12

I figured I would put some pictures together of Larry and I through the years to share

~The first picture was taken in 1987. I had just graduated high school.

~Second obviously our wedding. No one thought to take pictures of us together alone so my Gram pasted two pics together.

~Third picture was in 1990 when I was pregnant with Jess. We had these professional pictures taken the morning of Larry's sister's wedding and we were arguing. The reason we had such a large smile was because the photographer told us to say "We never fight"

~The fourth picture was taken in 2002 (I think). The last time we took a vacation. We headed north to NY but this picture was taken in Ohio at a friends house.

These pictures below really show how much we have changed.
Now if I could only be that thin again......


BoufMom9 said...

WoW1 Look at all of those fantastic shots!
What a great way to remember the years gone by....

TONYA said...

Fabulous. I loved seeing all the way back to when you met. Thanks for sharing.

Happy belated anniversary.