Monday, September 1, 2008

August Leftovers

Favorite Lunch
Ravioli and M&M's
A very messy lunch....

The turkeys like to mess with the blinds and often get into mischief beyond that.

We were left gifts on our bed

Ice cream nuggets for dessert

The Box
The boys LOVE to play with boxes and we have 2 big ones they play with. This one here had been next to the sofa for a long time but the one day I have my back turned the boys decide to see if they could climb on it...hence the bentness of the top of it.
It happened very quickly, Cayden came tumbling down and Ty just sat on it for a moment trying to figure out what happened.
Needless to say they have not tried this again.

Just some random pictures
They enjoy it when the crib mattresses are brought out to play on.

Cayden Lounging


lisa said...

What cutie-patooties! Isn't it hilarious how kids love simple things like boxes? Mmmm, I want some ice cream nuggets too!

TONYA said...

what a great idea bringing out the crib mattresses to play on. Mine would love that.

Love the always matching outfits :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

I love all the pictures!!!!