Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby Shower for Jess

Ok I know I am way late with baby shower pictures. I just havent had the opportunity to get them up until now.
Jess has hers up HERE
You will have to excuse my crappy camera, it takes blurry pictures at a distance. One of these days Ill get a new one haha.

The shower turned out nice and we had a decent turn out.

Stacey got the cake

Great Grandma Darlene made the center piece and provided the punch

Jess and I spent 2 and half days making 3 batches of cake balls

Jessica's throne area. It filled up quite nicely.

The necessity basket I created for everyone to contribute to.

Miss Jumbelina

Jess and friend Jennifer who is due in Dec.

Various pictures of the guests


Lots of gifts


Debbie Moore said...

What a great turn out. Looks like it was a nice shower for her.

Jen B. said...

What a wonderful shower! Jess looke so good! Glad you had such a great turn out & she received so many great gifts!

Sherri said...

Fun...I love baby showers! I want some of that cake!!!