Monday, December 21, 2009

Hodgedy Podgedy

Got the shopping done for Christmas except for Larry. We always say just get for the kids and he always ends up buying for me anyway *sigh* I should know better by now but either way it ends up being last minute for me because I never get out of the house alone or very often.

Still have some wrapping to finish up for the boys and I wait patiently for the special gift that will make them squeal when they see it to be delivered. I had found these Yo Gabba Gabba figures at Toys r Us that I had to get the boys. They absolutely love the show. I had a hard time getting them.
When I went to order them at the beginning of the month (mind you I have to buy 2 sets) they were OUT OF STOCK! I searched frantically for these figures online and couldnt find them NOWHERE except on Amazon. When I clicked on them I was appalled to see the prices. At TRU they want 10.99 a set on amazon it was $24 and up, and up I mean I actually saw a set for $80!! Im sorry but as much as I was was looking forward to seeing the look on the boys' face and hearing them squeal and go on about the fabulous gift they got I WAS NOT giving into to the price gouging of a toy. I understand trying to make a buck but to double the price of a toy like is unethical in my eyes.
Long story short I checked again at TRU and low and behold they were back in stock. Yay!! So no thanks Mr or Ms price gouger, my patience paid off.

Anyway here are some Hodge Podge pictures to share while Im baking some cookies.

The boys being themselves

These are pictures of our first winter storm earlier this month, we got 4-5 inches.

Ms Laurel

Larry and Cayd

Pictures of the SECOND snow storm that rolled in a couple days after our first storm.

Telle and the boys

Telle's history project. She had to pick something that had to do with the French Revolution so the guillotine was it since the use of it increased during that time.

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Sally said...

Those inflated prices on Amazon are probably from third party sellers. Next time you could try adding the item to and get it when Amazon restocks at retail prices.