Friday, November 13, 2009


Todays post is fragments of pictures what would have had great subject lines but just didnt have enough to fill its own blog post

Moono the one eyed monster from Yo Gabba Gabba
Need I say more, think what you will

This Jess's new car. Havent got it on the road yet because we are waiting for the title from the seller. Long story but its taking forever.

Dodge Intrepid

Our New Pet

This little guy has been hanging around the house a lot lately finishing up whats left of the grasshoppers

Sleepy Guys

One of the very moments that the boys actually fall asleep before their bedtime. Most nights we cant even get them to settle in quietly and relax.
Ty is weraing blue and Cayden red.

He Did it Again!

Ok Larry was suppose to only be trimming his mustache and walked out of the bathroom like this!
Prickly lip for 2 weeks!

Haircuts Finally!

After people thinking the boys were girls so many times, even though they were wearing real boys clothes, I finally cut their hair.
Cayden was a breeze to cut but Ty cried the whole time and of course he got the shorter cut.
Watch for a post when they actually looked like girls.

Window Watchers

The boys like to sit by me in the dining room while I do whatever it is I so online and look out the glass door.

Bath Time X's Four

Yes brave us decided to plop all 4 kids in the tub at the same time hahaha.
When we out the girls in Ty and Cayd gave a look of What the hell? Apparently it was their time and didnt want to share it lol.
The girlies were only in a few minutes to rinse off, they do not stay still and we didnt want to play dunk the baby.

All Six

Ok yes I admit it my boys wear girls pajamas but what do you want they were free lol
We have pajamas that the boys and girls wear that match, this was just one of those matching nights.

Kit Kat

Well the boys are pretty particular about their candy, its strictly m&ms and hershey. I decided to try them out with a new one, kit kat.
Ty wouldnt even try it and you can obviously see Cayden's reaction.

Bears, growlll..

we got these bears last year for Christmas and the boys are finally just starting to play with them.


Dinner time pictures I took. Have to get them when I can because they dont cooperate as much any more.

Remember those Budweiser commercials with the Wazzzup?
Think about it....



The Look


Last but not least a short clip of Larry and Jess on the trampoline. It was given to us by a friend who didnt want it anymore. The boys just LOVE it!


Helene said...

All the pictures are precious, esp the ones of them all in the tub together. It totally takes me back to when all 4 of my babies fit in the tub together comfortably! Those days are over now!!

That spider gave me the looks freakin huge!

I'm gonna see if I can find your e-mail address in your profile. If not, I'll come back and post the chicken wing recipe here in your comments!

Helene said...

I can't find your e-mail but the recipe is kinda long. Just e-mail me at helene1108(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'll forward it to you! Or did I post in on my blog? I can't even remember!

Sharlene said...

The bath times 4 is soooo cute! I like the boys new haircuts. They look so grown up and handsome.