Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween 2009

It turned out not to be too cold for the kids to be out which was a good thing considering the day before was freezing cold.

After reading one of favorite blogs, Im Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor, I would like to touch on Helene's lessons learned of Halloween.

1. The before picture: Never got it, didnt try. If I did it would have been a blurred black blob. Better luck next year.

2. You will never win, to bring or not to bring the stroller: On a normal day my guys will walk for miles but on Halloween night? Hell no! We did two streets, short ones at that and next thing we here is "up". When we say just a little farther and we can go they proceed to drop their gorilla butts on the grounds and do the limp child cry act. Ok my kids may be behind bit they are definitely not stupid. But Mom and Dad are we left the stroller in the suburban. Who knew....

3. You must bring back up buckets: Ok we really didnt need to because they didnt collect that much. It was all about the experience this year since they have sensory issues and their therapist thought it be a good idea to take them out and expose them to all the crazy ppl running around.
One truth though if you touch that bucket they WILL freak and think you are stealing their candy. They hang onto that pumpkin stap for dear life.

4. This one doesnt pertain to us this year. Neither one of the boys wanted something different than what was given but I do dread it ever happening. I can picture it now get a lolipop and want a candy bar and proceed to go into meltdown mode. Ughhhh

5. When their eyes begin to glow its time to head for home (you have to see this one on Helene's blog to get the full on effect). What are you talking about? My kids eyes are always glowing like demons, its not just for Halloween anymore.

6. Last lesson learned, no Halloween is complete without 1 child falling. Ty did stumble a little and kinda landed on his head but the big fall of the night was the last stretch to the suburban. Remember the "up" RE: lesson 2? Well I was carrying Cayden and when trying to dodge a bush hanging over the sidewalk my foor slipped and down I went...with Cayd. Smashed my knee and shin up pretty good. Cayden held himself well and lightly clunked his head on the sidewalk.
And that concluded halloween.

Now to back a little, before we did our trick or treating fun we went to a "trunk or treat" party hosted by a local church.
The boys dressed up as gorillas and Dad as a giant banana.

They were the talk of the party.

The boys were a bit apprehensive over all the action so didnt really participate in much but they got out and about a bit. They had a hard time taking all the noise and goings on in.

My two gorillas
hard to tell them apart in this picture.
Cayd on the left, Ty on the right

And here is the Big Banana

Had a little jumping in gorilla suits before going trick or treating.

Tiger and Monkey costumes we put on the girls just because.
We didnt take them out



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Helene said...

Goodness, they are all SO cute! And I have to give your hubby a high-5 for walking around with them dressed as a banana...that took some serious guts!

I loved your lessons learned...I totally laughed about them being demons all the time. Thank goodness they're cute demons, right?