Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 09 Birthdays

We had two birthdays for the month of October. The little girls on the 3rd and Chantelle on the 19th.

Jaeda and Laurel's party was held at their Dad's

The cake was very cute and the single cakes were spruced up to match.
(some of the pics are out of order...oops)

It didnt take long for the girls to dig in.

Jaeda just leaned right in for a bite.

Laurel used the finger technique

Jess and Kevin

Chantelle's 16th
We had a small little party for her.

Ordered a cake design and wanted to the colors modified to pink, blue and white. This is what we got and Larry didnt know to check it. =(
There was no pink anywhere!

Had a little accident with the cake while carrying it into the kitchen.


The kids played guitar hero and hung out outside on the trampoline

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