Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Leftovers

Ok well this was suppose to be up yesterday but I ran out of time.
Pictures from the past month that never got posted.

"I am not a GIRL.....but I like ice cream!"
Yes we put girl pjs on our boys. Why? because they fit and served the purpose. Who cares what they look like as long as they are warm at night. Its just hard to find good pajamas around here either they are too big or small for footies.
They like their ice cream though and who do you think gets more bites?
Cayden is in pink and Ty purple

Some random pictures of the boys


Ty left/Cayd right



Havent a clue who is who, my guess is...
Cayden left/Ty right

Our friend KJ with the boys

Larry and the boys
Cayd left/Ty right

Jess' second bay shower given by some ladies at the church.

Well thats it for now
My next post will be of Jess in the hosp...more on that in a bit

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The Eadle Family said...

i love that the boys are in pink and purple sleepers. Very cute. And will be funny in the future! lol.