Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thrilling Thursday Photos

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Ok well its not so thrilling but the word goes with the day lol.
Lots of pictures to share while I have a quiet moment.

Larry took Jess to town with the girls so she can get her staples out, visit a b/f consultant and go to the store while I get laundry done, dinner ready to go (chicken soup), housework done and whatever else needs my attention other than the boys who at the moment are watching Shrek.

First pictures to show off are of Ty and Cayd, they have been getting more and more difficult to photograph lately because they just dont stay still long enough.



Oh My Gosh my boys are pregnant!!!
They have bellies and boobies. We laughed so hard at them because they would hold their ball stomachs and touch their little ball boobies. It was hilarious.

Jess' swollen feet. They have come down some but have been very uncomfortable. When she came home from the hosp she was down 6lbs she has since lost another 6lbs and should gradually lose more as the swelling lessens. They actually look worse in person and any scars she has pop out.

Jess and Jaeda who I have nickname J-bird or Birdie
I have to have nicknames lol

Laurel who I call Lola. Its easier for the boys to learn that. It was either Lala or Lola and well Larry and Jess like Lola better.

Snuggly sister pictures
Laurel is always on the left and Jaeda on the Right

Jess will be updating her blog with more pictures soon. When she does I will post the link. If you want to check for yourself her site is My Special Treasures and you can find it on my blog list.


Terri said...

Too cute! Jada's face looks looks a little fatter and she looks a little more red. Is that so in person, or just the way the pictures come out?

And the boys! OMG! I can't believe how big they look. Are are they doing with the babies? Love the "pregnant" pictures!!

Sharlene said...

You are giving me baby fever. They are so pretty. They don't even look like preemies. And the boys with their bellies was just too funny.

BoufMom9 said...

They are all so darn cute! LOVED the pregnant bellies on the boys! LOL
The girls are just GORGEOUS! they don't look like preemies at all. WOW!
Hope Jess is feeling better soon.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

So cute about the boys pregnant pictures!!!

albert & angela fontenot said...

Oh Congratulations Tab!!! I am so happy for Jess that the girls are here safely!!!! What beautiful children and grandchildren you have Tabitha! You guys must have wonderful genes!!!!
I know Jess must be feeling releived to have those babies out of her! She did a fabulous job incubating them..they look perfect!

Jen B. said...

The pregnant bellies are adorable!

The girls are gorgeous & I hope Jess' swelling goes down soon! Tell her to take care!

Helene said...

I very rarely get good shots of my boys anymore because they are always on the move or they want to be the ones taking the picture!!

I love all your pictures!!! Your boys are just darling!! Love the balls in the belly pics!

I can't believe I'm even saying this but seeing pics of your little grandbabies actually makes me miss when my kids were babies! Just something about baby twins laying together so happily and peacefully makes my heart melt!!

cc said...

The pics are so cute! I love the belly pics of the boys! that is just too funny!

I think the girls are just adorable! I love the sweet days of them sleeping next to each other!

cat said...

The girls are adorable!

The Eadle Family said...

the boys and the girls are adorable.