Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"So Behind" Picture Update #2 April Misc.

Here is my second update of pictures
Just a bunch of miscellaneous pictures taken throughout April.
There are still more I am working on.

The boys and Larry watching cartoons.

The boys wrestling, Cayden is the one on top.

Ty taking a breather

The boys after a short wrestling match, they do this a lot.

The little girls
Laurel in pink and Jaeda in purple

Jaeda in the foreground and Laurel behind

Miss Jaeda

Miss Laurel

Larry and Telle sitting with the boys during their favorite past time...watching cartoons.

Look out! Its baby butts




Sharlene said...

The baby butts are too cute! And so are the baby smiles! Love your new blog background too.

Helene said...

Awwww, I love baby butts! I'm constantly pinching Garrett and Landon's booties when they're running around naked!

Okay, I totally had to do a double take at first as I was looking at the pics of the boys!! They've grown so much since you last posted pics!! Amazing how fast time goes by!!

Are the girls identical? I'm not sure I ever asked if they were. I couldn't tell them apart in the pics (thankful you posted who was who!!)