Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's Number is "3"

Three years ago today 2 little boys were born 9 weeks premature.
Ty 3lbs 12oz
Cayden 4lbs 1 oz

Although they had a rough start and quite the unusual birth they are growing and learning. They may be behind other kids their age but I dont care, they know what love is and they know what they like. They are precious to me and would not give it up for the world (even when they try my patience to the limit).

They both overcame torticolis and severe flat head with therapy and no helmet. We had one bout of bronchitis and thanks to the RSV shots they never got really sick. They crawled at 10 months and walked at 17 months.

I gathered some of pictures of them from the years to share.

One month before they were born.

Cayden about 4 weeks old

1 week old under the bili lights and on the c-pap
I hated that thing but I was able to hold him for a bit.

Ty at 4 weeks

Ty 1 week old
He didnt need any c-pap and was separated from his brother for little over a week.

The brothers at 5 weeks after they came home. They were on oxygen for a short time.

Their first birthday
These are pictures of the boys after they were born placed as a reminder of how far they had come.

The theme was Spongebob!








2 birthday
The theme: Dinosaurs



Pictures of them through their second year





The boys in their new ride, soon as we opened up they had to be in it...snacking

This was taken about a month or so ago of Ty. He wouldnt cooperate with a scissor cut so I pulled out the clippers.

Ty being bashful

Ty trying to fit in as one of the toys

Ty giving a goofy face

The many faces of Cayden.....



The most recent pictures taken this past week. Countless times I have tried to get them to sit together so I could take pictures and they FINALLY cooperated and definitely showed their brotherly love.



Thats it for now from my trip down memory lane. Not too bad for Ty who was born in a wheelchair and Cayden who was a footling breech stuck and almost lost. Im proud of my boys and the crazy life they have given me.
I am also thankful....thankful for their unconditional love and precious life.

This years cake theme is Elmo...hes the man of the hour. Just need to make it still Yikes!


debi9kids said...

OMGOSH Tab! It's amazing how far they have come! Just amazing! They were SOOOOO tiny! WOW!

And they just look so different without their curls! Like BIG boys!

Happy B'day Ty & Cayd!

Terri said...

Great recap of the past 3 years! Hope the boys had a wonderful day.