Thursday, June 10, 2010

Albuquerque Day 1

Well we headed out a little later than planned. I wanted in the car and heading out the drive by 7:30am, Im just picky like that. We left the house a little closer to 8am *insert frowny face*

When we reached Roswell we filled up at Sam's Club and hit the road.
This view is the same for miles and miles and miles.
The boys fell asleep, of course they should have since they hardly slept the night before. Nope not from excitement, thats just what they do.

I had expected to stop at a rest area outside of Vaugn but I eventually realized it wasnt what I was expecting. Its been so long since we have been to Abq that the rest area that I mistakenly thought there was the one just outside of Roswell.
We stopped at Clines Corners for a pee break and a snack. While there some bikers asked to take a picture of the boys with their motorcycle, sure as long as I get one too.

On the road again, just a bit more further.

I-40 just outside of Abq

The Carrie Tingley Hosp.
All is fine with Cayden, they took x-rays and say its flat foot. So I guess we will just keep and eye on it.
Going to get him new shoes with arch support and encourage some tip toeing.

Waiting for the Dr

Our room at the Mariott Courtyard.
There are FOUR Mariotts in the same area just different names under them.

Shot of the pool house from our balcony. Cant really let the boys hang out much on it though because it is full of bird poop.....Seriously I think the patrons of the hotel would appreciate clean balconies. I know I would!!

There are pros and cons with this Hotel. But tell me would you pay 4$ for a bottle of water? I dont think so.

The quality of the pictures below are a bit low since I used my phone to take them.
The Lobby area where you can use wifi. In the rooms its only available through an ethernet cord.

More of the lobby and its "restaurant"
Quaint and quiet but certainly not what I would expect. Not much seating for families, especially with young children. There are 3 booths and each one has their own tv with direct tv services, wish I could say the same for their rooms which has the basic channels, news, sports, a few special interests channels, hbo and one childrens channel. Even the Super 8 has more to offer with their in room televison viewing and costs less.

Our Dinner

Larry had a roast beef melt with au jour

The boys each had a hamburger with apple slices

Chantelle and I had a ranch salad with chicken breast
It was good and fairly filling.
Our total dinner ran about $50
They do have a kids menu with a couple choices so that was a good thing.
Did I mention they have Starbucks coffee?

After dinner we strolled into the courtyard to let the boys get a little energy out. Where they keep finding it I will never know because we were back out here at 9pm because they wouldnt settle in.

Next post will be of our visit to the zoo and how our first night went.


Jessica said...

Ahh! Its beautiful out there!! Stupid work wish I could have went lol

Terri said...

Looks great. Please enjoy yourself!