Friday, January 23, 2009

For Tuesday: A Fundraiser

These beautiful pendants have been made specially for Tuesday by Mark, a wonderful designer at HomeStudios.
My good friend Sharlene went to him and asked him if he would be willing to design a piece for her to be sold for a fundraiser and instead he has designed two beautiful pieces and is offering 10% of his profits for ALL sales from now until Valentine's Day to go towards Tuesday's fight against neuroblastoma. This includes purchases of any of the items in his store! This is a HUGE gift!
These pieces are incredible, affordable & handcrafted
on Scrabble tiles! There are so many beautiful designs to choose from and even gift sets that include the necklaces as well.
Please take the time to look at his pieces and remember that you are helping a very sick little girl in the process.
Please go
HERE to see these beautiful pieces. Thank you!

* If you do make a purchase, please put "FOR TUESDAY" in the comment section on your ETSY form so that Mark knows this is for the fundraiser.

Note: Due to the already high demand (thank you!), many people have told me they go to purchase something and it says sold out. If this is the case, scroll to the very bottom of the page and select contact seller and let him know what you want. He will email you back and make sure you get it!


Sharlene said...

Thank you for spreading the word!

Helene said...

I saw this on Sharlene's blog and thought it was such a lovely way to raise money for this little girl!! I wasn't sure when they went on sale so I'll go check them out now!