Friday, January 2, 2009

December Backtracking #2 Santa's visit

Santa Day

Each year the town has a little thing at the community center for the kids with Santa. Ya know picture taking, giving bags of goodies and a little toy raffle. Well we went last year but I knew this year wasnt going to go well with the boys at the age they are at so we didnt take them. Jess took the girls up for a private viewing to get pictures.
After the town thing was over with they made a few stops around town and came out to our house to see the boys. Which was cool, figure it go better if the boys were on their own turf....sorta.
Ty didnt want any part of it but Cayden to our surprise didnt run away.

The girls and their private viewing

Cayden waiting for Santa

Ty waiting for Santa


* TONYA * said...

How cool that they went out to your house. How lucky.

Jen B. said...

That's so neat! Great pics!