Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shopping Day

Yeah well the weekend was ok, the wind was at a minimum Yayyyy!

Yesterday Larry took the Suburban to work to get it cleaned and dirt blown out of it so that we wouldnt all die from the dust. *Gag, Hack Cough* So anyway we left the house about 10:20am and headed for the dress shop so we could get Prom shoes.... ya....right. They werent open, well they were late!!! I didnt feel like waiting on them, Im a very impatient person it it comes to that stuff. I HATE being late and it drives me bonkers vice versa. I guess you can call it one of my OCDs.

So screw that we headed for lunch and Kwan Den. I LOVE Chinese buffets Mmmmmmmm...... So I thought. Apparently that day my body was repulsed by it. *sigh* All I wanted through my pregnancy was chinese food (and salad) and here I am sitting there trying to finish my plate without barfing. Talk about sucking!!! Paid over 8 bucks for that plate!! At least the boys ate free lol.

Lets see, next stop...Target. I got some more of those little planters of tomatoes. They are so cute. Our Targets little "dollar" section is pretty small so I didnt find anything else interesting. From there we headed right to the electronics section, I wanted that American Idol game for the Wii.....WRONG!!! They were out UGHHHHH!!! I was sooo mad. Anyway we strolled around after that. Larry and I embarrassed the kids by acting like kids in the toy section *giggle*.
Jess found a pair of shoes she liked, even though I told her low heel she went with a high wedged heel. This is just the beginnings of the irritations of a pregnant teen for the day. We couldnt find anything nice that she could wear and that would last a few months. They had crap for styles there in clothes. On a good note Jess saw a beautiful wooden bassinet she wanted for the baby. It was real nice. Hopefully we will be able to get it later on. I have this thing about buying for baby before 6 months. By now Im starting to feel the irritations of the day.

Lets just say UGHHHHHHH! As always everything I wanted to check on went out of my mind when I walked through the doors. Yes I know....but I forgot to make a list. Can we say by now I truly HATE shopping with Jess.
Electronics didnt have the game I wanted, but they still had the Boogie one which I am working on getting. I was determined to find American Idol LOL. Got a shopping cart full of crap but havent a clue what. Ever have one of those days? We did look for jammies for the boys but as ALWAYS they did not have any in their size. There must be a lot of babies who wear size 12 month pajamas because they never have them. In fact finding boys clothes that size in this area is so hard, I wonder WTF is up with that. Plenty of girls stuff though.

I do have to say we had a laugh in the HBA dept, I yelled at Telle to hurry up and make up her mind and I scared the crap out of this young guy. LMAO he thought I was yelling at him, which I wasnt. But... its not something I have been guilt free about in the past hehehehehe!!! Lets put it this way years ago I wasnt allowed in Walmart without a chaperone. Yes I was that bad, even with one I was bad. This one time some woman was coughing, just hacking her crud all over the place. I stood there across the way telling her to keep coughing that her germs hadnt reached me yet because she couldnt cover her mouth. In fact I kept going on and on until she heard me. Meanwhile plenty of other ppl did, some even moved away from me slowly lol Ahhhhh the Wally World stories I could tell

Ok so we check out and I send Jess off with her friend for the night. Larry drops me off at Gamestop, my last chance to find the game. Either way I was getting something LOL. They had the Boogie game on the shelf but I didnt see the microphone so I got a bit huffy about it then to come to find out they just dont have it on display. Well they should. Anyway they had the AI game I wanted hidden in another section so we got it!!!!

Chantelle LOVES the AI game. Its fun, I wish there were more song selections. We played for almost 4 hours.

On a cute note Ty can now say Jess and Cayden gives razzberry kisses. He went to kiss me last night and kept blowing razzberries on my cheek. It was the cutest thing everrrrrrr. Just wish I wasnt the only one who knew how to use an electronic device in this house. Of course I couldnt get him to do it tonight. Both boys slept ALL night, 12 hours!! They were worn out!

Well thats my ramblings for now. Nothing too interesting happened today.


Jenn H said...

American Idol for Wii sounds like fun! I am also not a huge fan of shopping, shopping in general whether its grocery, clothes, whatever!

bestfamily said...

You crack me up Tab! Love those razzberry kisses! Hope Jesse finds a prom dress soon. As for the heels. I wore heels all during all of my pregnancies. With the twins only till about the last month, but I never had a balance problem. Wedges are good. If she is stuck on heels, then make sure they are wedges. No skinny

Jane said...

Oh! I just read your whole blog and I love it. It is so fun to read and love the pictures. :)

BoufMom9 said...

I could just picture every moment you just described. Perfectly vivid! thanks for the giggles! :)