Monday, April 21, 2008

A little of Me

Well to start I have this hobby I really love. I dont get much time to dabble in it much anymore but I will here and there when Im inspired. Anyway I entered a contest and won 3rd place!

This is my hobby....I love to do pixel/cartoon dolls.
This is the doll I entered in the contest.

The base body is from
I recommend checking it out, Suzie is an awesome artist!!

This is the dress I used as inspiration

Now Im a captain for a weight loss team at Spark People and we are in a 8 week challenge. The first week my team lost the most % of weight. We are still waiting for the 2nd week results and are weighing for our 3rd week today and tomorrow. I havent been doing as well as I hoped but down 4 lbs. Doesnt feel like it though. I really need to put much more effort into things.

So I am so behind posting recent updates here, they will trickle in little by little until Im caught up LOL

I just wanted to get this one up so you can learn something new about me.


BoufMom9 said...

Good for you & your weight loss group! WOOHOO!!!!

jessica kate said...

WOW! I've never even heard of this? That's great. It's so nice getting recognition for your talents.
I'm proud of you!

Jenn H said...

Love your hobby, thats so cool!! Great job to you and weight loss team!! Hope it rains soon so you can get rid of that awful dust in the air, the bathtub pic was crazy, I would be hacking up a lung from all the dust! Loved all the new pics of the boys as well on the latest blog post!

TONYA said...

Love the pixels. You are so talented.

Awesome on the weight loss team. You go girl!

Jane said...

This is so cool! Good job on the award and on the weight loss. Motivate me!!!!

Debbie and Aron Moore and the Moore boys! said...

Good job Tab! That is so cool, that dress is quite the inspiration!