Monday, April 21, 2008

Sharing Pictures

Well I guess I can start off by showing what my lovely bath tub looks like from the wind. It happens to be on the end of the house where the siding was damaged and off course where the wind hits the most. That fine dust just comes right through any fine crack.

Here is Cayden hanging on the floor last night with Larry.

They got nice and comfy together. Ty is usually there too but was too busy sucking up to his mommy lol.

Here is Kevin sitting on the floor with Cayd. He will get on the floor and play with them also. They light up when he comes walking through the door. Too cute.

These next three pictures were taken before the Old Timers Day parade. They look thrilled dont they?

Ty with what looks likeAmerican Idol contestant Dave Cook in the background lmao

Ty who kinda reminds me of a Klingon baby with the way that hairline looks

Cayden being a ham.


After bath hair...just wild!!

Peepers looking for Daddy.....

"Are ya gonna let me in?"

"Let me in, nowwwww"

"Where did he go?"

"Let me check"

"I see your butt...."

The End


BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Love the pics! Too cute!
Thanks for the giggles! LOVE "the end". heeheehee
ps They have the coolest hair!!!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Love the pictures!! Thanks for a great laugh. I needed that!

TONYA said...

The dust sucks. I remember our house looked like that after the fires last year b/c we'd left a few windows open just a crack while we were away, ugh.

Love all the other pics :)

lisa said...

I love the pic with baby with Daddy. So sweet. And so much hair! Lucky boys with the gorgeous locks.