Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30 2008

Well its the last day of the month. Hard to believe May is upon us already. Time to get the garden planted and the pool up....that is if the wind quits it crap. After a few nice days it has returned. At least Larry was able to get the siding replaced last weekend so my bathroom wont be full of dirt. Im still cleaning that mess up. Larry has been feeling crappy and developed a cough. We think the wind and dust has caused it since he has had to be out in it. I gave him some musinex and it seems to be helping.

School lets out May 21st, Chantelle has her promotion ceremony on the 20th and Kevin graduates on the 17th. Soon he will be moving in with us. LOL last night he got a taste of the fun side of our family. The girls gathered up all the ball pit balls and Telle throws them at me across the room and I slap them back to her. We actually have a good time doing this. Larry lays on the floor with the boys and if one goes a-stray at least we know no one will get hurt. Its a nice work out for me too. We must have played for an hour.

When I was pregnant with the boys and still pondering a name there was this guy who worked at Walmart. His name was Caylon. I really liked the name and he had a great *personality*. I had considered this name for Cayden. Well I found out yesterday he died, he was only 27. He had pneumona and had holes in his lungs. I feel very bad for his family because he was always such a happy guy.

Well Ive been playing my Wii hard. Ive been doing the fitness test and keep bouncing back and forth with my age score. One time I get 77 and the next 35. It just depends what they throw at me. They are coming out with Wii Fit in a few weeks and I hope to get that one along with the Winter sports and Summer sports games. I have been seeing articles about how playing these games help you lose weight. When you put effort into it you can get a decent work out, especially with the boxing. That gets the heart racing.

Only one person left to tell about Jess' pregnancy and that's my mother in law. That's Larry's job. Well his Brother and sister dont know yet either so that would actually be 3 people.

I suppose I better finish up...the boys keep escaping through the gate on the other side of the room and I need to figure out a new plan.

Pictures to share

"Let me out!"

"Awwwww come on"

Our messy faces

Clean babies again

Ty my Vogue baby

Cayden with his booty caught


Jenn H said...

You'll have to tell me how you like Wii fit once it comes out. I haven't read much about it but what I have read sounds good. Loved all the pictures. Glad Larry got a chance to get the new siding on, hope he can get rid of the cough quickly. Still praying for rain for you! All the pictures are gorgeous, the boys look so big all of the sudden!

BoufMom9 said...

I want to get Wii Fit too! I just told Russ that yesterday! I can't wait!!! & you aren't kidding! that boxing can really make you break out in a sweat. LOL
The boys are so darn cute! Love their chubby cheeks & their curly hair!
Hope Larry feels better!

Jane said...

hee hee love the ty vogue pics. :)

TONYA said...

ha ha, love those 'vogue' pics, you may have a supermodel on your hands LOL. Wii Fit sounds awesome, I haven't even had a chance to try out the regular Wii stuff yet seeing as it's all set up in Jay's bedroom, wahhhh.

CC said...

great pics! Love the messy faces! I also like the gate picture... we have the same gate and I love it! it is so funny when they press against it... makes me think they are in "prison" (that is why we call ours... the pin!) LOL

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