Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Meme...5 things that drive me crazy!

This is a little something hosted by my friend CC at Yours, Mine and Twins Pop on over there and see who else is playing along today.

Five things that drive me CRAZY

1. People who dont listen no matter how many times you tell them something.
I swear some days I talk until Im blue in the face.

2. People who are apparently sick but claim its just allergies.
I know sometimes it is allergies but you look like crap and on your death bed go away!

3. People who do not wash their hands before touching a baby.
Come on this is a no brainer and yet some still cant remember.

4. When people dont clean up after themselves.
Always assume Mom will do it.

5. Kids who misbehave while their parents let them run a-muck.
I make my kids behave no matter where we are as best I can. It may be tiring but get up off your butt and make yours.


cc said...

Love it Tab! Thank you for playing along! I am right there with ya on everyone of them! LOL We think a lot alike!

Jen B. said...

GREAT CHOICES!! I would have to agree with every one of them!