Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dr Seuss By Bumpkins Review!!

Welcome to my first product review!
Dr Seuss By Bumpkins!

As a member of Moms Blogger Club
I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you one of the Dr Seuss products I have had my eye on since my twin boys were born.

Sr Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2 Gift Set

This set includes Thing 1 and Thing 2 plush toys and two coordinating body suits and/or tees

I also found that the nifty little box they come turns into a little chest to put things in. Perfect for your little one hidden treasures.

Bumkins Grinchmas Gift and Contest! With any Bumkins Dr. Seuss Purchase receive Free Grinch Superbib and automatically be entered to win a four pack of Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornaments! Just enter grinch08 at checkout to receive your complimentary bib.

Here is the bib I received and an ornament.
They are really nice!!

I recommend making a purchase today!
I give product quality a 5 star rating *****

Here are the boy's dolls.
They took to them right away and carry them around with them.

We dressed the brothers up in their shirts and took them out to see what kind of public reaction we got. Everyone who saw them thought the shirts were adorable! Lots and lots of comments about the product and questions where I got them.
So go to Bumpkins today and get some Dr Seuss apparel for your little one

Here are my twins

Thing 1

Thing 2


Jen B. said...

LOVE the thing 1 & thing 2 onesies! They're adorable!

Jennifer James said...

I am grinning from ear to ear. Your little ones are adorable in those onesies. SO cute!

Betsy said...

We got those onsies as a present for ours when I was pregnant - I just loved them! And I love the bibs - used them alot! :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

They look so cute

cat said...

Love those T's

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Oh, my goodness. What an adorable pair!
You did a great job with your review!

Helene said...

Love the pics of your boys in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits!!! So cute!!