Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Ride to the Mountains

We took a ride to the mountains a couple weeks ago just to get out of the house.
Nothing too special since the sun can be scorching and the boys can only do so much and tolerate so much.
We did head to an area that takes one towards the El Paso Gap. Didnt go as far as we had liked but it was still nice to go for a ride and see some different scenery.

Ty and Cayden

Took this picture when we had to stop and fix the straps on Ty's car seat. he wiggles a lot and gets it up on his neck.

After arriving in a little town called Queen (dont blink) we realized we werent going to be able to go farther or we would run out of gas so we headed back towards and area called Sitting Bull Falls.
This is the picnic area we stopped at to have lunch and stretch.



Pictures of the view and area

.....and Jess

This spot has a trail that you can take to the falls. Its for those who like a hiking challenge, 5 miles long ^=^

Chantelle and one of the boys

Ty just hanging out

The girls took a short hike up to check it out.

My camera takes really bad picture in zoom so this is the top of the mtn near the tail.

And this is the same picture taken through the binoculars.

Diaper changing time



They look like the same child here!!

Pictures I took while we were on our way home

This is upside down on purpose

Lots of cows along the road, they have right of way here.

Some video I took while driving down the road.


Helene said...

The pictures are great....I can't believe there was a cow just strutting along on the open road!!

The boys are getting SO big! You all must be having so much fun with the two sets seems we've hit a really fun patch with our 2 sets!

BoufMom9 said...

What a nice trip.
I can't believe how big the boys look all of a sudden. they finally don't look like babies anymore and really look like toddlers. WOW!