Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

We didnt do too much but were invited to the neighbors home for a bbq. So here is proof we DO get out of the house once on awhile lol

Jess took all the pictures and its mostly the boys :)

It was a bit warm outside so cars were brought out for them to play with inside

They made a friend while playing with the stones outside, Ty especially liked her but he likes all girls

They did really well with the cat and just loved him

Their favorite past time of the day was drawing with chalk. it occupied them for quite awhile although their clothes became nice and colorful.

Ty liked running around without his shoes, the grass was nice and cushy but Cayden didnt want any part of it.

Chantelle trying to play pool

Tammy our lovely hostess

More coloring


(L) Jesse and (R) Bobbi, she is an ID twin also

Trisha, her daughter is the one Ty likes

Even more coloring

Trish again laughing because she thought the flash of the camera was lightning

Jared (teacher at the school) and his son

They did some ground fireworks until the rain came.
The boys did pretty good with them and didnt freak out. They kept their distance tho and after each one would say "all done"

Last picture before leaving.

So that was our exciting day

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