Friday, March 13, 2009

Combi Love

Well we finally got the boys a new side by side stroller. The Jeep just wasnt accommodating enough for their size. So we ordered a Combi.
I just have to say the boys LOVE it!
Soon as I opened it up they begged to get in it, figured ok Ill give them a quick sit. That turned into a major malfunction when I took them out because they had a serious tantrum. Fortunately it was nap time.

After nap though they woke up in a fierce mood. You have to understand that we were all coming off a nasty flu and little did we know another stomach virus was about to hit.
To calm them down we put them back in the Combi and low and behold it worked and they chilled.
In fact they enjoyed it so much they sat in it, snacked and drank while watching Spongebob. This lasted about a half hour and they were ready to go off and about to play and do whatever little boys do.

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Jen B. said...

So cute! I'm glad they love their new stroller!