Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Working My Way Back

Its been nearly six years since I made my last blog post. Its been a long, interesting six years. 

I have overcome many things, gone through a hell of a lot and know there is a great deal to come in the future. 

The kids have grown since I was last here. The girls have moved on with themselves and the boys are nearly 10. Life is still a bit crazy time to time but I will save those moments for another time.  

I school the boys at home now so time isnt always what it use to be during the school year. We have chosen Connections Academy, public online school. It just seemed to be the best decision at the time and still is. No, it's not homeschool..... Its online public school that we do at home. Its takes a lot of committment and time. So dont expect me to be here every single day, ha!

So my last blog entry was just after I lost my Dad. Its been six years. I miss him and still get a bit emotional this time of year. Each year I handle better than the previous. Anyone who has lost a parent knows we heal in our own time but never forget. 

Anyhow, I am hoping to keep up with this thing several times a week. Working on spiffy up the place but I think Ill keep the same layout for now. Ill be cleaning up broken and old links and getting some fresh ones up to new places. I plan on sharing Pinterest hits and fails, new things Im into, opinions and reviews and everything else in between. Who knows what I will come up with. The mind is what it is. 

So I hope if you are reading this you will come back and check in now and again.


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